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In the pursuit of a better life and career prospects, many individuals look to the United Kingdom for job opportunities that offer visa sponsorships. However, it’s no secret that the demand for these positions often exceeds the supply. So, how can you gain an advantage in this competitive job market? That’s precisely what we’re delving into today – exploring the current job openings in the UK that come with visa sponsorships, where to find them, and even how to secure sponsorship when there’s no visible job posting. Join me, Ashika, as we navigate this complex landscape.

Government Job Portal: A Legitimate Starting Point

Before we dive into the specifics, I want to draw your attention to an essential resource: the UK government’s job portal, This portal, among others, is a trusted source of legitimate job openings. It’s reassuring to know that you can save job listings for future reference and even report suspicious job postings. Sadly, some unscrupulous agencies prey on job seekers, extracting money in exchange for fictitious job offers. Your vigilance in reporting such scams is not only essential for your own well-being but also for the protection of others.

Visa Costs: A Point of Caution

Depending on the company you’re applying to, the responsibility for visa costs can vary. Some employers bear these costs, while others may require you to finance your visa application. However, it’s crucial to note that you should never be asked to pay for a job opening or your Certificate of Sponsorship (COS). It’s imperative to exercise caution when pursuing roles like care worker or support worker, which are often targeted by fraudulent agencies.

Leveraging Recruitment Agencies

The UK boasts an array of recruitment agencies, and while they might not always respond to unsolicited applications, their websites frequently feature job listings with sponsorship opportunities. In the following sections, I’ll introduce you to several recruitment agencies that can serve as your gateway to potential job openings.

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Beyond London: Exploring Other Hiring Hubs

While London remains a magnet for job seekers, it’s essential to widen your search horizons. Many other cities in the UK are actively hiring individuals from abroad, often with an increased focus on diversity and inclusivity. Expanding your job hunt beyond London could be the key to discovering new opportunities.

Diving into the Job Market

Now, let’s explore the available job openings, categorized into Tech, Healthcare, and a mixed bag of roles. In addition, I’ll shed light on graduate job opportunities and how they can be your stepping stone to a successful career in the UK.

Tech Opportunities

  1. University of Aberdeen: Software Developer
    The University of Aberdeen is currently hiring for a software developer, offering a fantastic entry point into the world of technology.

  2. Hold Recruitment Group: Ground Segment Software Team Lead
    If you’re looking for leadership opportunities, Hold Recruitment Group has a position for a ground segment software team lead.

  3. Technology Group Limited: Data Analyst
    Data enthusiasts can explore the role of a data analyst with Technology Group Limited.

  4. Hey Specialist Recruitment Limited: Front-end Developer
    Front-end developers can find opportunities with Hey Specialist Recruitment Limited.

  5. Redline Group: Senior Control Engineer
    Redline Group is in search of a senior control engineer to join their team.

  6. Platform Recruitment: Electronics Design Engineer
    If you’re passionate about electronics, Platform Recruitment has a position for an electronics design engineer.

  7. Resource On Demand: Salesforce Specialist
    Explore a career as a Salesforce specialist with Resource On Demand.

  8. Rice Technical Recruitment Limited: Systems Engineering Manager
    Rice Technical Recruitment Limited has an opening for a systems engineering manager in the electronics field.

Healthcare Roles

  1. Zest Business Group: Associate Dentist
    Zest Business Group is seeking an associate dentist to join their team.

  2. Eclipse Recruitment: Night Nurse
    Night owls can find their calling as a night nurse with Eclipse Recruitment.

  3. Pure Research: Veterinary Surgeon
    Pure Research invites veterinary surgeons to join their team.

  4. 8C1: Care Assistant
    If you have a passion for care, explore the role of a care assistant with 8C1.

  5. Well-being Limited: Pharmacist
    Well-being Limited is looking for a pharmacist to provide valuable services.

  6. Assist Care: Care Support Worker
    Care support workers can find opportunities with Assist Care.

  7. Sandy Lane Surgery: General Practitioner
    Sandy Lane Surgery is in search of a general practitioner to provide healthcare services.

  8. SYK Recruitment: Staff Nurse
    If you’re a registered nurse, SYK Recruitment has an opening for a staff nurse.

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Please note that healthcare roles often have multiple openings in different locations. The mentioned positions are just a glimpse of the many opportunities available in the sector.

Unraveling the Mystery of Licensed Sponsors

One crucial aspect of securing a job with visa sponsorship is to identify licensed sponsors. Only licensed sponsors can offer employment to foreign individuals. However, with over 60,000 licensed sponsors, finding the right one can be challenging. To simplify your search, consider the following approaches:

  • The Government Website: Visit UK Government Licensed Sponsors for the complete list of licensed sponsors.
  • UKTS Sponsors Website: This website categorizes licensed sponsors by industry, making it easier to find relevant sponsors. Visit UKTS Sponsors.
  • Networking with Licensed Sponsors: Contact licensed sponsors directly through email or LinkedIn, even if they don’t have current job openings. While responses aren’t guaranteed, it’s worth trying, especially if your CV is compelling.
  • Industry Leaders: Large companies often have well-established processes for hiring international talent. These organizations are generally more willing and capable of offering sponsorship, making them prime targets for job seekers.
  • Monitor Sponsors of COS: Keep an eye on the list of licensed sponsors that sponsor the most COS in your industry. These companies are more likely to have a structured approach to hiring foreign workers.

Graduate Opportunities

If you’re a recent graduate or just completed your studies, there are specific job portals catering to your needs. Websites like Milk Crown, Student Circus, and Bright Network offer a plethora of graduate roles, graduate schemes, and internships. These positions are tailored to individuals at the beginning of their careers, making them an excellent starting point.

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Crafting the Perfect CV

Your journey to securing that perfect job begins with a compelling CV. If you need assistance in creating an outstanding resume, I’ve got you covered. Please check out my guide on building the perfect CV for your job application.

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