JOB VACANCY IN PORT HARCOURT: Top 10 Job opportunities in Port Harcourt

Job Vacancy in port harcourt

The job vacancy in port harcourt makes this state stand out. Porthacourt, home to the major petroleum channels in Nigeria as crude oil conversion and petroleum product manufacturing has highly impacted the economy by undoubtedly improving sectors through various development mediums.  There are lots of JOB VACANCY IN PORT HARCOURT for everyone. Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers state provides vast mediums of job vacancies in different industries. To aid your quest to find outstanding and satisfactory job opportunities in Porthacourt, here are 10 job opportunities that are desirable with satisfactory payments.


Job Vacancy in port harcourt


Payment: N70,000 – N100,000 monthly

JOB DESCRIPTION: This role requires aid in the warehouse as the applicant is required to arrange products stocked in the warehouse and take necessary records. It also demands that daily warehouse activities are supervised this includes taking note of importing of goods and making necessary preparations for exporting of these goods for delivery, shipping, or retail sale.




An applicant who wishes to apply for this job in Porthacourt can make research for the associate online job platforms like Indeed and Linked In. Also, applicants can visit companies in Porthacourt and submit their credentials through their online channels.

Apply for the Warehouse helper position in Port Harcourt by visiting the job portal


  1. SALES

Payment: N1,200,000 -N5,000,000 monthly

JOB DESCRIPTION: This position requires creativity for a lucrative business for interested personnel. Sales require having flexible schedules which match your business niche. Training sessions and activities are provided. Individuals who are interested in this job can look out for wealth-creation opportunities through skill-acquisition bodies. Individuals can check Upwork and LinkedIn for mentors in digital marketing.



Persons who are interested should seek mentorship from successful entrepreneurs. Also to apply for this role visit Indeed, Upwork, and LinkedIn.

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Apply for a sales position in Port Harcourt by visiting the job portal




Payments: N500,000 – N700,000 Monthly

JOB DESCRIPTION: This role requires the establishment and maintenance of strong safety culture in abiding by the company’s HSE requirements and rules. The individual is expected to contribute and collaborate with other room operators to improve HSE targets. In compliance with the operating procedures and guidelines to ensure process safety, operational safety, and plan integrity.



To apply for the position of control room operator in SPIE Porthacourt, applicants are required to present a well-organized credential at the SPIE industry at Porthacourt or apply via Indeed.



Apply for a Control room operator in Port Harcourt by visiting the job portal at Indeed.


  1. INDEPENDENT REALTORS NEEDED (Gerrymandy Realtors)

Payments: N300,000 monthly

JOB DESCRIPTION: This position requires a strategic, driven, and resourceful individual with a keen interest in real estate. It entails the identification of potential business individuals through lead generation processes like networking, online marketing, affiliates, and vision-able channels. Applicants are required to respond to inquiries from clients and provide verified information about real estate properties on availability. Individuals are also required to engage in thorough market research to be informed on trending real estate deals, property values, and competitor operations.



HOW TO APPLY: Porthacourt being a developed economy channel, various real estate channels are available. Therefore, interested individuals are advised to locate those firms and affirm their competency for the role and also submit the necessary resume.


Apply for the role of an Independent Realtor in Port Harcourt  by visiting the job portal Gerrymandy Realtors

  1. SALES EXECUTIVE (Ascentech Services Ltd)

Payments: N125,000 monthly

JOB DESCRIPTION: This role requires applicants to actively find out new and improving sales opportunities through networking, digital marketing using social media. It also involves individuals conducting intensive market research in order to recognize sale possibilities and evaluation of customer needs. Collaboration with team members to achieve better results and meet market demand.



To apply for this role, applicants are to visit online platforms like Jobberman and LinkedIn. They are also required to scout for commercial and private business firms and tender their resumes.

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Apply for the role of sales representative in Port Harcourt by visiting the job portal



Payments: N30,000 – N50,000 monthly

JOB DESCRIPTION: This role entails an individual who will take on the duties of a clerk and render administrative support in order to enhance workflow methods in the office. As a secretary, you require to assist colleagues and executives by suggesting useful and effective planning support and dispatching information.



HOW TO APPLY: to apply for this job vacancy in port harcourt, Applicants can submit their resumes to the listed firm and also can also seek other like firms in Port Harcourt & tender their credentials.


Apply for the Position of Secretary/Administrative officer by visiting the job portal



Payments: N20,000 – N40,000 monthly

JOB DESCRIPTION: As an office cleaner, you will tidy and ensure at all times you check the office for anything which is not in place. The office is expected to be arranged and kept clean at all times.



To apply for this role applicants are required to visit online platforms which make opportunities for this job in Porthacourt. Applicants are also required to submit their curriculum vitae at firms in which cleaners are needed.

Apply for the position of office cleaner by visiting the job portal provided


  1. KITCHEN ASSISTANT (Kristov’s House Hotel)

Payments: N30,000 monthly


JOB DESCRIPTION: As a Kitchen assistant you are required to tidy up the kitchen daily, and assist the chef in setting up orders for customers. Kitchen assistants are expected to serve meals to guests & customers and should be willing to learn well from the chef on the right recipe to make professional meals.



To apply for this job vacancy in port harcourt, the applicant must meet the requirements of Kitchen activities in order to retain the role if employed. The ability to relocate is required. Applicants who are interested in this role in other firms can seek online platforms with job opportunities for this role such as Indeed, Jobberman, and LinkedIn.

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Apply for the role of Kitchen Assistant in Porthacourt visit the job portal provided.


Payment: N100,000 monthly

JOB DESCRIPTION: This role is a full-time range job. As a health analyst, you are required to engage in personal details and description of results from already gotten test results to the individual or client the health service is given to.

HOW TO APPLY: To apply for this role, you are required to send your Curriculum Vitae CV and application letter to email, with the subject, Application for the role of H.A-port Harcourt.

Apply for the role of health specialist in Port Harcourt you can visit the job portal



Payments: N15,000 -N20,000 monthly

JOB DESCRIPTION: As a fuel pump attendant, you are required to be at the pump stand in which your schedule is placed, to sell fuel to customers. You are required to possess tolerance, agility, and transparency if you are interested in this role.

HOW TO APPLY: To apply for the role of a fuel pump attendant you are to submit your resume at fuel stations in Portharcourt which seek to employ persons for this role.

In search of a job opportunity in Port Harcourt, you should organize your credentials and dress presentably to firms and companies. Good qualities foster opportunities.


If you live in Ibadan, you should also check out the job vacancy in Ibadan.

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