How to change your language on Amazon With 4 Easy Steps

change your language on Amazon

How do you change your language on Amazon? Amazon’s services are available in 75 different languages and may be accessed in more than 50 countries across the globe. If you are accessing Amazon from the United States, however, you will only be presented with the choice to do so in either English or Spanish.

A tip that may be beneficial if you live in a home with many speakers of various languages or if you share your Amazon account with family members who might be more comfortable communicating in a different language is that there is a simple method to access the dozens of additional languages that Amazon offers.

If you want to change the language that you use on Amazon, you may also have to alter the location that you use it in. If I wanted to access Amazon in Hindi, for example, I would have to change the location in which I do my shopping to India. In India, there are other language options available, including Bengali, Tamil, and Hindi.

The secret to success in this endeavor is to choose a geographical location that is mostly populous by speakers of the language of your choice. Additionally, depending on whatever location one selects, the vendors, the currency, and the products that are available may all be different.


As long as you do not modify the address associated with your Amazon account, the company will continue to display only those items in its catalog that may be shipped inside the United States.

The procedure is not too complicated, although it does vary somewhat between Amazon’s mobile app and website, and you will need to carry out each step individually.

The Amazon app allows you to change the language in the following way :

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Step 1: At the very bottom of the program, there are three horizontal bars that you need to click on. When you launch the application on your iPhone or Android device, you will be able to see them.

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Step 2: When you click on the bars, a new area of the program will come up. In this new section, all you need to do is scroll down until you find an option labeled Settings at the bottom of the page. Choose the Settings menu item, then choose the Country and Language options.

Step 3: The next page that appears will give you the option to choose a different area. You will only be able to choose a language that is widely spoken in the area that you have chosen if the language you want to use is one that is exclusive to that region.

Step 4: Once you have made your selection, click the Done button, and the new language will be applied.


Instructions on how to alter the language settings on the Amazon website:

Step 1: Although the appearance of Amazon’s website may vary significantly based on where you’re visiting from, the shopping experience is mostly analogous across all nations.

If you look to the right of the search bar, you should see the flag of your nation. If you don’t see a flag — not all regional homepages show one at the top of the page — scroll down to the bottom of the home page, where you should find a list of the different regions that are accessible.

You will be able to examine all of the languages that are accessible to you in your area when you click on the arrow that is located next to the flag. This will cause a drop-down menu to emerge.

Step 2: If you notice the language you would want to use in your current location, click on the language you choose, and the website will immediately be changed to reflect the change in language.

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Step 3: Click the “Change country/region” button in to see content in more languages. When you pick this option, a drop-down menu that has a selection of countries and areas for you to select from will display. To switch languages, you just only click on the country or area of your choice.

Step 4: If you need to return to the language you began with, you will need to go back through the whole procedure again.

Change Your Language on Amazon | Why It’s Important

change your language on Amazon
change your language on Amazon

Your device’s location determines the language that will be used by default when you visit If you suddenly notice that the language used on Amazon has changed, it’s possible that you did anything to induce the switch, such as clicking on a link in a nation or language other than your own.

If you visit to the Amazon website from a third-party website that displays in that language, there is another possible reason why the language can change while you are viewing the Amazon website.


The last explanation for why you could find Amazon written in a language other than the one you normally read it in is if you are visiting a seller website whose default language is different from the language you often view websites in.

If you often do your shopping on Amazon in English, for instance, you could find yourself navigating to a business that is based in Spain. Amazon may, on the other hand, only show text in Spanish if the shop in question uses Spanish as its primary language.

Reloading the page or selecting a different language on Amazon should be all that is required to resolve either of these difficulties, respectively. Changing the language settings on your browser is another option available to you if necessary.

It’s possible that clearing the cache in your browser or deleting any linked information along with the cookies Amazon uses might be another solution.


How the Language on Amazon Could Be Determined by Your Virtual Private Network

change your language on Amazon

It is possible that Amazon will display in a language that is not your native tongue if the location that your Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is configured to is different from where you really are physically located.

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The reason for this is because the majority of websites select the default language that is displayed by using either your regional internet provider or your IP address.

For instance, if your virtual private network (VPN) makes it seem as if you’re in Costa Rica, Amazon would most likely display in Spanish. Verify that your VPN settings are correct, and if necessary, choose a different server from the list.


After that, try loading or the Amazon app again. The website ought to load up in the language that is more natural to the region that you are in right now.

It is useful to see websites like Amazon in the language that you like, the language that you are most comfortable with, unless you are already proficient in more than one language or are attempting to learn a language via thorough immersion.

Even if you encounter unanticipated changes to Amazon’s language settings, the solution is often just a few clicks away.

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