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Moving companies

Who are the Best Moving Companies? Relocating is not easy. The process of packing up and moving all of your belongings from one place of work or residence to another is a big interruption to everyday life. To our relief, it’s not all for the worse.

When you find and hire the best moving company to get you where you need to go, it is possible to turn a potentially stressful scenario into one that is simply joyful. The first thing you need to do is get the knowledge necessary to locate that organization.

We have developed this list of the top 10 competitors in the industry so that we can assist you in defining your moving requirements and connecting with the most qualified moving company to fulfill those requirements.

You will learn what to look for in a mover who is capable of reaching your objectives, as well as what to anticipate from them, regardless of whether you need local, long-distance, or international moving services because of your scenario.


How We Determined The Best Moving Companies

When compiling our list of the top moving businesses, we began by locating our rivals who fulfilled fundamental requirements such as holding appropriate licenses, maintaining enough insurance coverage, and being legally registered.

In addition to doing our own independent research, which consisted of gathering quotation estimates for two distinct types of moves, we analyzed the top 40 most readily accessible organizations on that list and rated them all based on a total of 55 different characteristics.

Our ranking was eventually narrowed down to only the top ten businesses. Our evaluations take into consideration a variety of aspects, including the kind of moves, the services and alternatives offered, the availability of the firm’s services throughout the country, corporate information, deposits, online quotations (in addition to the genuine quotes we acquired), and reviews provided by previous customers. Our editorial staff is the only one that decides how each item is rated.


The Ten Best Moving Companies of 2023

  1. The best company all around is International Van Lines.
  2. Allied Van Lines is the most cost-effective option.
  3. When moving locally, Atlas Van Lines is your best option.
  4. The best company for full-service relocation is United Van Lines.
  5. The most reliable in shipment tracking is North American Van Lines.
  6. J.K. Moving Co.
  7. Transit of the Mayflower
  8. Bekins Van Lines
  9. American Van Lines is referred to as AVL.
  10. Stevens International Moving Companies

Considerations to Make When Selecting a Moving Company

Moving companies
Moving companies

When searching to pick a moving company that is the perfect fit for your requirements, you need to get started with the fundamentals. Make sure that the firm is properly licensed and insured, and that it has a significant amount of expertise carrying out the kind of relocation that you are planning to carry out.

After it has been determined that they are qualified to be on your list by successfully completing those standards, you should inquire about how they will manage the specific requirements of your relocation.

Years in Business or Years of Establishment

Even if working with a brand-new service provider has its advantages and has the potential to be beneficial to the economy, it may not be in your best interest to provide that firm with the opportunity to learn from its errors while moving your most prized things. On the other hand, there are measures to safeguard both yourself and your possessions.

When looking for a moving company, you should search for one that has been in business for at least many years and has a reputation for producing consistent and good outcomes based on customer ratings.


You might also find out who owns a more recent corporation. It is standard practice for a new moving firm to function under the direction of industry veterans who have been working there for a significant amount of time. Discovering one may be like getting the best of both worlds.

If you are relocating over state lines, the moving company that you hire is required to get registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. However, locating a local firm or mover inside your state that registers with the FMSCA and adheres to its guidelines indicates that you have most likely discovered a reliable moving company regardless of how long the business has been in operation.


Moving is an event that occurs seldom for the majority of individuals. Consumers place a heightened emphasis on the quality of service they get from their moving business since relocating is not something most people do on a regular basis. Those who are looking for a trustworthy moving company will be pleased to hear this news.

Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbours about the movers they used and what kind of experience they had so you can make an informed decision about which company to choose.


In addition to this, you should investigate the potential businesses using the many internet rating and review sites. Read a few of the reviews, both positive and negative, for each of the contenders.


Unfortunately, the moving industry has become a target for certain disreputable groups, which has led customers to lose money and trust in the industry as a whole. This has caused consumers to lose faith in the moving industry as a whole. Even if it does not happen very often, it is still important to take precautions in case it does.

Before agreeing to work with any moving business or service, be sure they have a good reputation in the industry. The website of the Better Business Bureau is a wonderful resource for learning about how individual businesses respond to customer complaints, how they settle disputes, and how they conduct themselves when confronted with difficult situations.

It is quite uncommon that one may find a moving business that has had no customer complaints. However, you have the option of doing business with a mover that has a track record of providing excellent service and can be relied upon when things get problematic after devoting just a few minutes to study.



There is a large range of price points in the moving business. To add more complexity to the situation, price structures might vary widely based on a variety of circumstances.

When relocating locally, you may be charged by the hour, but when moving long distance, your charges may be based on miles, weight, or both, in addition to any applicable fees.

When looking for a mover, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of the services that will be provided in exchange for payment, as well as the associated expenses and payment terms.

You will want to make sure that the pricing is within your price range and that you are aware of how to prevent any extra charges that could be considered needless.


To assist you in formulating a plan for your financial resources, it is recommended that you receive pricing estimates from at least three distinct moving firms.

Insurance and Driver’s License

Moving businesses in different states are subject to different licensing and insurance requirements. Nevertheless, regardless of your location or the destination of your move, both of these things are mandated by law to be provided by moving firms in some shape or another.

It is recommended that you do research on each potential moving business candidate using the Better Business Bureau or other sites. In any case, it is absolutely fine to just ask your mover for evidence and paperwork in this situation.

Even though it could be embarrassing to ask a professional mover for evidence that they are insured, trustworthy businesses will understand your worries and be delighted to comply with your demand. Be aware of any businesses that won’t respond to your questions or are hesitant to do so.


The Services and Components Available

Check to see whether or not the moving company you’re thinking about hiring can handle all aspects of your relocation. Do you also need to relocate your personal things, in addition to your vehicle? Find a mover that is capable of doing it or who collaborates with another organization that can deliver the service in a flawless manner.

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Choose a firm that has a track record of successfully satisfying the requirements of customers who need full-service packing and loading, assistance with customs clearance for overseas relocation, packing supplies, or anything else related to moving.

Insurance for the move is an important consideration to make. Moving coverage, in contrast to liability insurance for a business, is a product that you can buy from many different movers in order to offer an extra layer of safety for your things. If you want to add additional safeguards, make sure the moving company you choose has a policy, or many policies, from which you may pick.


Moving firms often have a tendency to book up their schedules. The availability of the business you pick is important for a number of reasons, including but not limited to ensuring that they will be able to accommodate your move-in without any problems.


Make sure the moving company you choose is available in each of the aforementioned areas while you are having discussions about availability with potential moving businesses.

Make sure the company you choose has experience in terms of years or management history, that it can handle your specialty and extra items, that it can prove it satisfies the requirements for insurance and licensing, that it can offer the protection you require to feel comfortable, that it is dependable and carries a solid reputation, that it can offer the services you desire, and that it has a spot open on its calendar.

What Are Some Estimates for the Fees Charged by Moving Companies?

The price that a consumer pays to hire a moving business, like the price that a customer pays for any other kind of service in any sector, is very variable and is dependent on a number of different variables.

Relocating a distance of less than 100 miles typically costs roughly $1,400, but relocating a longer distance may cost anything from $2,200 to $5,700 if you don’t go during the busy moving season (which runs from May to September).

A Moving Company’s Rates Can Be Affected by a Number of Factors

A moving team will charge you an hourly rate to load and unload your things, but the total cost of your move will be determined by a number of other variables in addition to these.

These elements are determined by the circumstances surrounding your relocation. The total cost of your move will be determined by the fees associated with these additional services and items.

Your Progress in Terms of Distance

No matter how far you’re relocating, the cost of your relocation will be affected by how far you’re going. Longer distance migrations need the expenditure of more time and resources, as well as the possibility of incurring more costs.

When relocating over a long distance, you will often be charged depending on the distance travelled as well as the weight of your belongings. The distances involved in local shifting may have an effect on the overall cost of the project when measured in terms of the number of hours it takes to complete the task and the number of people that are required.

The Amount That Is Being Moved

The amount of time and work needed to relocate your stuff is directly proportional to how much you need to move. Moving belongings from a big house would, quite simply, take more time and need more work than moving belongings from a studio apartment.

When calculating the expenses of long-distance and international movements based on weight, the quantity of the items being moved becomes a significant consideration.

Items That Are Either Heavy Or Excessively Large

There is a diverse range of forms and dimensions available for specialty objects. Moving goods that are very delicate, such as antiques, pianos, big automobiles, or artwork, often needs the use of specialist equipment or the expertise of an individual who is skilled in moving that particular item.

You should budget for additional moving costs for the majority of the objects that are deemed uncommon or need greater attention to carry.

Automobile Moving

Your mover, a third party, or an entirely separate organization can be the one who offers the service of moving your car in their inventory of available options. When you move several vehicles, your overall moving prices will most likely increase on a per-vehicle basis.

The kind of vehicle, its make and model, its age, the distance it must be transported, the form of transport used, and any additional care it may need all go into the pricing.

Moving with Extra Caution (especially Electronics or Information That’s Sensitive)

A moving firm can often manage dealing with sensitive or confidential information, regardless of whether the material is held digitally or in paper. This is typically offered as an additional service. An additional service may include the disassembly, transportation, and reassembly of various electronic equipment, including information technology and data systems.

Although most frequently associated with business relocation, extra fees will apply to the provision of services in both the corporate and private sectors. This is because of the nature of the work involved.

Different Transportation Options

Your alternatives for transporting your belongings to your new place may vary according to the distance between your current and new homes. Moving your belongings may be accomplished via a variety of different transport options, including a truck, trailer, shipping container, storage container, or even an aircraft. Each one has a distinct price, and there are a variety of other elements that go into determining the final cost.

What to Look for in Best Moving Companies and How to Find It

Moving companies
Moving companies

It is a good idea to define your move before beginning your search for the proper firm since this is an amazing technique to uncover potential competitors. Look for firms who have expertise carrying out relocation and that fulfill your requirements based on the responses to the following questions:

How much money am I able to set aside without feeling uncomfortable about my relocation expenses? Be sure to save aside some money in case you end up incurring any unanticipated costs along the route.

Keep to the spending limit set on your move.

Despite the fact that moving companies may provide a wide variety of extra services for a fee, the fact that you were able to locate one that offered partial services or cost incentives determined whether or not you were able to stay within your moving budget.

If the budget for the job is tight, you should look for a mover that can be flexible to meet your requirements and adapt to your demands. For an additional layer of protection, you should also think about obtaining quotations that are either binding or not-to-exceed amounts.

Get Referrals

Referrals from friends, family, and neighbours, as well as reviews from online review sites, are fantastic ways to find a mover who is qualified to handle your particular kind of relocation.

Additionally, be sure to inquire with any business that you are contemplating for a list of verified recommendations that you can get in touch with over the phone and inquire about their experiences.

Check the Driver’s License, as well as the Insurance Policy.

Moving firms are required to have a certain level of liability insurance and are subject to the licensing regulations that are applicable in your state. Make sure you are familiar with the standards that are in place in your area, and then ask any possible moving companies for the paperwork that corresponds with those criteria to establish that they are legitimate.

Keep in mind that professional moving firms realize that you are attempting to protect yourself by asking these questions, and they are delighted to provide confirmation of their qualifications. Be aware of any moving company that refuses to provide the documentation you require upon your request.

Be Cautious With Large Deposits When Moving

The majority of moving companies need some form of down payment. It varies from company to company whether this is in the form of a deposit that may be refunded, a deposit that cannot be refunded, or an initial payment.

When relocating, it is customary to pay a deposit; however, you should avoid working with businesses that need more than roughly 25 percent of the entire projected cost of the job upfront. In the majority of cases, a deposit that is less than $500 should be sufficient.

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Examine the Whole of the Contract.

Read the proposed contract in its entirety before signing anything with the moving company you are considering using. Moving is a process that might include a lot of different elements. On your final invoice, the effects of many different factors will be reflected in the form of extra expenses.

While you are reviewing the contract, keep an eye out for any exclusions or safeguards, and make a note of the factors that will influence the total cost. The use of stairs and elevators, problems with truck access, and anything else that increases the amount of time required to provide services are examples of common elements that incur additional fees.

When you uncover anything in the contract that gives you cause for worry, talk to your mover about how you may avoid the additional costs or how much more money you can anticipate spending and why.

How to Get Ready for an Upcoming Move

There are a few things that, if done in advance of the day you move, will help alleviate most of the stress that will be caused by the event and keep things running along smoothly during the whole process.


Getting ready to move is the ideal time to simplify your home. Sort through everything you own, and if there is anything that you no longer use, give it or get rid of it. Packing will go faster as a result of this process, and you’ll have more room in the moving truck that you hire.

Gather your supplies for packing.

When relocating, it is essential to plan ahead and purchase moving boxes and other packing items. Purchase a greater quantity of moving boxes than you believe you will want. On the day you are supposed to pack, the last thing you want to have to do is search for or buy extra supplies. This will not only add to your tension but also squander your time.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Create a separate bag or box for the essential items that will accompany you on your trip. It needs to include anything that you could want at the time when the rest of your belongings are unavailable.

To prepare for your first few days in your new home, stock your essentials kit with any and all items that you may need, including but not limited to critical papers, prescriptions, chargers, toiletries, additional clothing, and any other items that come to mind.

Maintain a Moving Checklist for Your Convenience.

Having a moving checklist will be of great assistance to you in maintaining order before, during, and after your relocation. Include on your list things to remember and things to do things like doing the proper house walkthroughs, paying attention to safety problems, setting up utilities, and anything else that has to be done. Mark items off the list as you complete them to ensure that nothing vital is overlooked and that nothing is forgotten.

Look for the Best Deals and Discounts When Moving Companies Are Involved

Moving is known for being expensive, but if you look for the appropriate offers and discounts, you can make it much more affordable. Having said that, it is not always as easy as it looks to discover appropriate bargains, discounts, and specials, and performing the work of searching for them on top of all the other responsibilities linked to relocating may be daunting.

With that being stated, finding deals, discounts, and specials that apply can be difficult. Finding the greatest moving company isn’t always the most important thing; you also want to discover the best bargain.

Watch out for the cons!

When an offer seems to be much too good to be true, it almost always is. If you come across a moving company that is advertising an unusually cheap price, it is best to do some research before hiring them.

Verify that the moving business you are considering has both a license and insurance, as well as a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau and/or Yelp. It is also never a bad idea to get recommendations from people you know, such as friends, family, and neighbours.

If you are still on the fence about using the moving business, you have the option of having a mover from the firm come to your house to offer an estimate. This will allow you to evaluate the level of professionalism shown by the moving company as well as get an exact cost for your move.

Get an Estimate at No Cost.

Requesting a free estimate from the moving company is an excellent method to both save money and assure that your relocation will be handled professionally.

There are a lot of businesses that provide a service called “at-home estimate,” in which a professional mover will visit your house, evaluate the condition of your possessions, discuss your move with you, and then provide you with a quotation based on what they find.

If anything doesn’t feel right about the pricing, you should go with another firm. Obtaining a free moving estimate is not only a fantastic method to save money, but it is also a good approach to ensure that the movers you pick will be punctual, accurate, and simple to collaborate with.

Even if a moving company doesn’t specifically promote offering free estimates, you may still ask for one nonetheless. If you are truly contemplating using their services, they will often comply with your request.

Make Sure You’re Eligible

It is possible to get lured in by sales and discounts to the point that you neglect to read the associated fine print. Before you sign a contract with a moving company that advertises a discount, such as one that is only accessible to people of a certain age or who have served in the armed forces, make sure you read the tiny print.

Also, if you think you qualify for the bargain in question, make sure you bring some kind of identification with you. in addition to any other necessary documentation that may be present.

Ask Away and Don’t Be Afraid to

Even if the moving company you’re considering doesn’t specifically advertise any specials or discounts, you shouldn’t be afraid to inquire about them nevertheless.

If a firm finds out that you are considering utilizing its products or services, it will be more willing to assist you by providing a price reduction or informing you about a deal that may not have been advertised to the general public.

Your request for a price reduction may be denied on occasion by a person who responds to your inquiry through email or by phone. It’s possible that this is simply due to the fact that the person in question lacks the authorization to provide you with one.

In the event that there is a possibility of striking a deal, it is appropriate to make a courteous request to communicate with a manager or another higher-up.

Have a Go at Bargaining for Lower Prices

If you have been given a bargain or discount by a moving business that is in competition with the one you are interested in hiring, you might attempt to tell the firm about it. It’s possible that they might be prepared to play ball and make an effort to match the price that’s been given to you. Be sure to have documentation, such as a copy of the quotation that your rival has provided you if you are going to take such a dishonest approach to the situation.

Utilize an Application

In this day and age, searching for discounts online may be incredibly daunting, so you may want to utilize an app or software that is focused on coupons to help you organize your available alternatives and save time in the process.

These sites may help you to limit your options to discounts that are available in your region and teach you how to get the most value for your money.

Avoid Extra Fees

The transportation of specialized goods, such as exercise equipment, pianos, big kitchen appliances, hot tubs, lawn mowers, safes, and washing and dryer units, often results in an increase in pricing from moving firms, particularly long-distance moving companies.

If you are going to be relocating any of these objects, it could be worth your while to sell them and then, if necessary, buy new versions of them at a later date since the cost may end up being comparable either way.

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You might even attempt to borrow a vehicle from a friend and undertake some of these tasks on your own in order to reduce the expenses of relocating to a minimum.

Get Your Reservations Early

Since many moving firms will charge more the closer to your move you arrange it, you may save money on your relocation by making your reservation a significant amount of time in advance. There are even situations in which they will give you a discount for being an early bird.

Try to Avoid the Busy Times.

Moving companies have the most activity throughout the summer months, particularly around the times of Memorial Day and Labor Day. The weekends are a considerably more typical period for moving than the weekdays, and the beginning and end of each month are busier than the middle of the month.

This pattern holds true throughout the whole year. If you want to reduce the cost of your relocation, plan it during the off-season if at all possible. If you do so, you could even be able to earn a discount on top of the price quotation that has already been decreased.

Questions That Are Typically Responded To (FAQs)

Moving companies
Moving companies

How much do most moving firms charge their customers?

The cost of a local move is normally determined by making an estimate of the number of hours required by each person to execute the task. The prices range anywhere from $25 to $50 per mover per hour, in addition to any other services and miles required.

You may anticipate the entire cost of relocating an average-sized house to be anywhere from $1,400 to $5,700.

Which moving company is considered to be the best?

Although we believe International Van Lines to be the finest moving business for this year due to their capacity to satisfy the requirements of the greatest number of customers, the best moving company is the one that is able to satisfy your individual requirements for your move to the greatest extent possible.

To that end, selecting the finest moving company for you entails locating the one that is capable of delivering the specific services you want, has a strong reputation, is accessible in the categories you require, and is prepared to carry out all of these tasks at a cost that is affordable to you as a whole.

Which things should you absolutely not move?

It is advised that highly precious things be handled by a specialist mover, or even better, by yourself. This is because although the majority of national moving firms are capable of securely transferring your high-value belongings, it is recommended that extremely valuable items be handled.

The dangerous chemicals, flammables, combustibles, and big batteries cannot be moved by your moving company.

What is an appropriate amount to tip movers?

A reasonable rule of thumb is to budget between $5 and $6 in gratuity for each worker for every hour of labour that they do. In order to put this into perspective, it is reasonable to pay $25 per person on average for a half-day move (four hours or less), however, a full-day move would demand closer to $50 to $80 per person, depending on the complexity of the move, the sorts of objects transported, and other factors.

How can I determine the Best Moving Companies?

Be very cautious before using any moving business, even if they seem to be in good standing. Look through reviews and read some of the comments, check the websites of state and federal resource organizations for information on registration and licensing, and go to a local office to speak with your representative in the workplace. Check with friends and family members who may have used them in the past.

Do moving firms need a deposit?

It is common practice for moving firms to request a deposit before beginning their services. On the other hand, many businesses either do not need any money in advance or do not charge anything until the actual moving process has begun.

It is vital to verify with your mover before signing up for service since a moving deposit could be refundable in certain cases but might not in others.

It is never acceptable for a moving deposit to surpass roughly 25 percent of the total projected cost of your relocation. Be suspicious of any business that wants more than that amount up front.

When is the most ideal moment to relocate your family?

When would be the greatest moment for you to relocate? That depends on a few different things. relocating during the off-season months of the winter is less expensive than relocating during the peak months of May through September. This is true for those who are seeking the greatest offer.

If you are more concerned with the timing of your relocation owing to work or school, the summer may be the greatest time for you to make the transfer. It is possible that it may cost more, but the weather will probably be nicer, which will make the work portion simpler.

How long in advance should you make arrangements to have movers come?

It depends. It is recommended that you book your moving company many months in advance if you are planning a long-distance relocation, or if you are trying to get a contract with a major and reputable moving business.

On the other hand, if you are moving locally, you can probably hire your movers as little as a week in advance of the day you want them to arrive (though it is recommended that you do so one month in advance if at all feasible).

Keep in mind that moving firms might expect a higher volume of business on particular days and at specific periods of the year. If you try to schedule your movers for a Wednesday in February instead of a Saturday in May, you will have a far higher chance of success.

How much do costs for local movers run?

The cost of hiring local movers is from $25 to $50 per mover per hour, in addition to any other services or items you may need for your relocation, such as moving a car or relocating specific items. For a house with 2,000 square feet of living space, the overall average cost of a transfer within the same city is little under $1,000.

Where can I find moving boxes? Please direct me.

Moving boxes may be found for free or at a low cost from a variety of different sources. Check the local classified ads, ask local businesses for their excess boxes, and call around friends and relatives to see if you can reuse their boxes.

You may also check recycling facilities. If you are unable to find a source that provides free moving goods, you may buy moving items from a business that specializes in packing products, or your moving company may have some accessible for you to use.

Should I purchase new furniture or transfer the old one if I want to save money?

If you’re relocating to a nearby location, keeping the furniture you already own is probably going to be simpler and cheaper. Because local movers often charge by the hour and by the kilometres travelled, it makes more financial sense to relocate existing furniture rather than buy new furniture the fewer items you have and the shorter the trip.

When moving a further distance, expect to pay more. Find out how much it will cost to move your furniture by getting estimates from national moving firms. Compare this number to the sum you projected that you would make by selling your old furniture and purchasing new pieces when you moved to your new home.

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