10 Countries That Will Pay You to Live There

10 Countries That Will Pay You to Live There
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Life can feel pretty darn expensive these days, what with the rising cost of living and housing. It might leave you wondering if there’s a place where you’re not just saving money but getting paid to live. Well, guess what? It’s not a dream; it’s real! Today, we’re going to take a whirlwind tour across the globe and explore the 10 countries that will pay you to live there.

10 Countries That Will Pay You to Live There

1. Italy – Prasiche Aquarica: A Slice of Paradise

Italy, the land of pasta, wine, and stunning landscapes, has several areas willing to pay you to call them home. One such gem is Prasiche Aquarica, nestled in the heel of Italy’s boot. Imagine living just a short drive from picturesque beaches, surrounded by historic buildings and mouthwatering food.

So, what’s the deal here? Prasiche Aquarica is offering a cool 30,000 Euros (a little over 32,000 USD) to anyone who moves there. They’re trying to reverse a population decline, so here’s the catch: buy a house built before 1991 and officially move your residency there.

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2. Canada – Saskatchewan: The Brainy Choice

If you’re a recent college grad, Canada’s Saskatchewan province has a sweet deal for you. They’re battling the brain drain, where educated folks leave for greener pastures. In exchange for staying put, they’ll give you 15,000 dollars annually in tax returns for up to 10 years.

Whether you choose to settle in Saskatoon or elsewhere, you’ll find an affordable cost of living, outdoor adventures galore, and accessible healthcare, thanks to the birthplace of Medicare.

3. Spain – Ponga: Siesta and Serenity

Have you ever dreamt of daily siestas and a peaceful life in the Spanish mountains? Ponga, a charming town in Northern Spain with a population of about 600, is offering newcomers approximately 3,000 Euros (around 3,200 USD). Oh, and if you have babies, they’ll throw in an extra 3,200 per little one.

The catch? Stick around for about five years, but with the temperate Mediterranean climate and UNESCO Nature Reserve nearby, it’s a win-win.


4. Chile – Santiago: Calling Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, this one’s for you! Santiago, Chile’s capital, has been offering a sweet deal since 2010. If you’re willing to relocate your business here, you can pocket around 40,000 dollars.

Submit a proposal, and if it tickles their fancy, you’re in. Join the vibrant city with a population of about 5.6 million and enjoy the street art scene, rich culture, and affordable living.

5. Ireland: The Business Haven

While Ireland isn’t directly paying you to live there, the incentives for business owners are irresistible. With a low tax rate, it’s been a favourite for giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook. Smaller entrepreneurs can enjoy the benefits, too.

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Ireland offers country and city living, from verdant valleys to bustling Dublin. Just note the slight tax policy change – it’s still business-friendly.


6. Croatia – Lagrađ: Where Houses Cost Pennies

Imagine buying a house for 16 cents. Crazy, right? Lagrađ, Croatia, is doing just that to combat a population decline. They’re even throwing in 4,000 dollars for home refurbishments.

You’ll need to prove financial stability, be under 40, and commit to 15 years, but life in Northern Croatia’s rural serenity is worth it.

7. Switzerland – Albionon: A Postcard Dream

Switzerland, a postcard-worthy country, is trying to reverse its population decline, especially among young people. The town of Albionon is offering around 27,000 dollars plus 11,000 for each child.

Meet the requirements, including being under 45, and enjoy peaceful village life with stunning views of the Swiss Alps. Get ready to know everyone in town!


8. Taiwan: Teach English and Get Paid

Taiwan offers a unique opportunity for those who want to teach English. They pay native speakers between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars per month, which goes a long way in a city like Taipei.

Soak up the white sandy beaches and vibrant city life on weekends and holidays when you’re not teaching.

9. Greece – Vantikithira: Island Dreaming

Ever dreamt of living on a remote Greek island? Vantikithira, a tiny island in Greece, is paying families to move there. For the first three years, you’ll get a home, land, and 535 dollars per month.

It’s remote, but that’s the charm. You’ll wake up to the sound of ocean waves, far from the hustle and bustle.

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10. Mauritius: Island Paradise with Perks

Mauritius, an island paradise in the Indian Ocean, offers 433 dollars to startups willing to make the move. The cost of living here is low and a tropical paradise.

Present your startup or idea, and a committee will decide if you’re eligible for the grant. Not a bad place to work and play, right?

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